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Adult Community Education

Adult Community Education provides a diverse array of vocational and learner interest focused education and training that fosters the development of skills required for individuals to participate fully in their communities and the economy.

Adult Community Education also contributes significantly to the engagement of learners who experience disadvantage or who are disengaged from learning by providing access to foundation skills and pathways into further learning, community participation and work.

Australian governments will continue to support purpose built, community based approaches to delivery through the Adult Community Education sector.

The national Ministerial declaration on ACE (PDF, 1.5MB) was endorsed by the Ministerial Council in September 2008 and supports a collaborative approach to Adult Community Education, particularly in relation to its role in the provision of vocationally focused education and training and fostering the development of skills required for individuals, including disadvantaged learners, to participate fully in their communities and the economy.

The Equity Blueprint was presented to the Ministerial Council in March 2011. The Blueprint sets out the agreed national policy direction for disadvantaged learners across the vocational education and training (VET) sector, for five years from 2011 to 2016, through six reform areas:

In February 2013, the Australian Government launched Tap Into Learning Today to engage and promote the Adult Community Education sector across Australia. The Tap Into Learning Today links service providers, potential learners, government and industry to resources and a wide range of community based learning activities available in each state and territory.

Adult Community Education providers

Frequently asked questions about being an Adult Community Education provider.

List of Adult Community Education providers in Queensland by region. An online registration form is included for providers who wish to be added to this listing.

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