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The Crux of the Matter 2011: Language, Literacy and Numeracy and Vocational, Education and Training (PDF, 4.4MB)
The Crux of the Matter was updated in 2011 to take into account changes to the VET system: the development of the Australian Core Skills Framework (replacing the National Reporting System) and the review of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

The aim of this resource is to improve language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) practices within vocational educational and training (VET) delivery and assessment, and to comply with the AQTF through a planned approach to LLN.

It provides models of good practice, suggestions and practical assistance and a number fact files that include practical information and tools.

Inclusive Technology factsheets
A range of factsheets that explain some of the inclusive technology software / equipment that is available; who it's suitable for and what their features are.

Informed Choice factsheets
A range of information sheets on jobs and their inherent requirements. The sheets have been drafted so that RTOs can insert their own details. They have been developed using Universal Design principles, therefore the layout and style should be preserved during customisation, e.g. font style and size, spacing, left justification.

Integrated support services for learners: An investigation into current thinking and practice (PDF, 741KB) - (Report, 2012)
This resource has been developed to assist the implementation of inclusive learning in Queensland VET and supports Inclusive learning: A way forward.

The report provides a review of research about the delivery and structure of educational support services, an environmental scan of current practices for delivery of support services to learners and identifies the implications for delivery of support services within the VET sector.

It suggests not only models and ways of thinking about support service delivery in general terms, but practical ideas for addressing a range of specific aspects of delivery.

The literature review that informs this report, Integrated support services for learners: Literature scan and annotated biography (PDF, 549KB) is also available.

Love Apptually: Apps to support learning (PDF, 1.36MB) - (Report, 2012)
This resource has been designed to assist VET practitioners and learners to select applications (apps) for mobile devices that support inclusive VET teaching and learning.

It highlights a number of mobile and tablet apps focusing on those that support:

  • the development of foundation skills
  • learners with a disability.

A range of suggested apps for foundation skills is also summarised in the Love Apptually poster (PDF, 474KB).

This resource supports Inclusive learning: A way forward, and is intended as a living, collaborative document which users will provide feedback to and update.

Love Apptually webinar series - Online VET website
Links to the webinar recordings, presentations and fact sheets from the Love Apptually webinar series held in 2013.

The webinar series aims to build increased awareness of how to identify, use and evaluate applications (apps) for mobile devices that support foundation skills and learners with a disability. There are seven webinars in the series: Learning; Reading; Writing; Oral communications; Numeracy; Commonly used apps for learners with a disability; and Identifying and evaluating new apps.

The Path to Independence: How collaborative, learner centred support helps learners with a disability to thrive (PDF, 724 KB)
This case study describes the collaborative approach used by a large metropolitan VET provider to support an apprentice with a disability.

Reasonable Adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment for learners with a disability - a guide for VET practitioners (PDF, 1.2MB)
This guide has been designed to assist VET teachers and trainers, disability practitioners and educational managers to make reasonable adjustment in teaching learning and assessment. It provides information and practical strategies to assist decision-making when determining whether reasonable adjustment will be required in the learning environment and how the adjustments can be applied.

Universal Design checklist (2012) (DOC, 353KB)
A tool for VET providers to assess materials and communications and enhance accessibility for everyone.


Every attempt has been made to ensure the listed resources and tools are current. Archived resources may contain references that do not relate to current policy and standards and some links may no longer by active.

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