​​​​​​​Student training opportunities brig​ht in Bundy​

School-based apprentic​es and trainees in Bundaberg are set for a bright future with businesses like Bundaberg Services Club enabling new trainees to kick start their careers in hospitality.

Bundaberg Services Club General Manager, Col Rankin, said that training has always been an integral part of their community organisation, as it is vital to ensure customer expectations are being met well into the future.

"Hospitality is an industry where we continually require skilled staff, and the best way to make sure we have the staff we need is to train young people to fill these positions," Mr Rankin said.

"The Bundy Services Club has prided itself on its customer service since the 1930s when we started up, so we need to ensure that our staff reflect that value and through training, we help them get there.

"We have had many students over the years come in as school-based trainees and apprentices and they have then ended up staying on to become part of the organisation, with career progression opportunities available.​

Joshua Slater, Apprentice Chef, Bundaberg Services Club
​​​​ Joshua Slater

​"School-based trainees gain a Certificate II in Hospitality, with theory aspects covered by Club Training Australia; they work in the club while studying at school and have an opportunity to earn while they learn and complete their traineeship.

"Over the years we have found training the next generation of hospitality staff an extremely rewarding experience and definitely something other businesses should consider if they are not already supporting traineeships."

​Bundaberg Services Club commercial cookery apprentices have found success in their chosen fields.

The club nominated one of their passionate apprentice chefs, Joshua Slater, for the 2017 Queensland Apprentice of the Year Award. Joshua is now a qualified chef and is off to Europe to gain more experience in his chosen field.

Joshua said the experience was life changing for him.

"I am so excited to be starting this next chapter of my life with the skills I have gained through training at the Bundy Services Club," Joshua​ said.

The club won the 2017 Queensland Training Awards North Coast Region, Medium Employer of the Year and wen ton to be a state finalist.

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