​​​​​​Cross training provides exciting start in marine industry

Imagine being a commercial diver who is also a fully qualified diesel fitter or training as a vessel master or engineer while working as a licensed​ crane operator. The opportunity to cross train and fulfil multiple roles is all possible at Pacific Marine Group (PMG).

​​​ Pacific Marine Group

Marine contracting business PMG is training their workers in foundation trades and skills, then cross training them to ensure future company and employee success. Staff are being armed with skills to excel. PMG CEO Kevin Chard said Pacific Marine Group invests in its people and supports a wide range of training opportunities for employees — from apprenticeships through to specialised commercial diving and marine qualifications.

"Working in marine construction is an interesting and rewarding career. The work is incredible varied, so training is important to ensure that teams are equipped to deal with the expected — and the unexpected," Mr Chard said.

"PMG are leaders in marine ​contracting and commercial diving and, being based in North Queensland, our project teams often operate in remote regions.

"This is where having multi-skilled staff has real benefits. PMG currently are undertaking projects in Papua New Guinea, Torres Strait, Weipa and Townsville.

"The multiskilling means that individual employees can fulfil many different roles as required by the project demands.

"And our employees have a bright work future and are agile in an ever-changing environment.

"Our business model requires continual investment in their training, and job satisfaction is enhanced because our employees acquire new skills and can expand the areas they work in.

"Have employed four new apprentices in the last month, we expect that they will follow the same path.

"PMG is proud that 80 per cent of tradespeople within the business have completed their apprenticeship in-house, many remaining within the business for up to 10 years.

"A number of apprentices have progressed to other roles within the business or proceeded to undertake a second trade qualification," Mr Chard said.

Employees are supported to complete training in fields outside of their primary area of employment — for example divers undertaking fitting and turning apprenticeships, diesel fitters gaining marine engine driver qualifications, and marine staff acquiring project management skills.

Other workers have obtained additional qualifications including coxswain and Certificate of Safety Training, and licences such as open crane, rigging and dogging.

Mr Chard said that to ensure long-term company success, half the business' workforce attends off-site training at least once a year and several are completing apprenticeships or advanced trade qualifications.

"The career and job skills improvements each employee has made during their time at the company has been amazing to be a part of," he said.

"Before starting the training, new employees are often unaware of the opportunities available.

"Training is just the beginning in a promising career in the maritime industry."

Pacific Marine Group was a state finalist for the Medium Employer of the Year in the 2017 Queensland Training Awards.

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Last updated
19 March 2018