​​​School to Trade Pathway incentive

The School to Trade Pathway incentive (STP) provides employers with up to $5,000 to commence a school-based apprentice and retain them in a full-time apprenticeship after they have completed their schooling.

The incentive commenced from 1 July 2013, with up to $15 million allocated to stimulate the uptake of additional apprenticeships through the provision of alternative pathways for school students. Scheduling of the incentive payments is designed to encourage conversion and the retention of the apprentice.


The STP is available to both private and public sector employers.

Employers are eligible for a STP incentive if they:

  • commence a school-based apprentice between 1 July 2013 and 30 June 2016, and
  • convert the school-based apprentice (after a minimum period of six months) to a full-time apprenticeship arrangement after they have completed school and retain them in the apprenticeship throughout the qualifying periods.

The STP incentive only applies to declared apprenticeships in Queensland - part-time apprenticeship arrangements do not apply. Traineeships also do not qualify for this incentive.

How do I apply?

Employers do not have to apply for this incentive.

The Queensland Government automatically identifies employers who are potentially eligible and will send documentation to finalise approval and payment.


There are two qualifying periods. An employer will become eligible for:

  • the first payment of $2,500, six months after the school-based apprentice converts to full-time apprentice arrangements
  • the second payment of $2,500, 18 months after the school-based apprentice converts to full-time arrangements.

NOTE: The apprentice must have served a minimum of six months as a school-based apprentice prior to conversion to a full-time apprenticeship to qualify for payments.

Further information

For more information please read the School to Trade Pathway incentive frequently asked questions (PDF, 226KB)​.

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