​​Apprenticeships I​​nfo - Self Service​​

The Apprenticeships Info - Self Service (generally known as AISS) is a search facility accessed through the department's DETConnect website. AISS provides contractual information to organisations signing up apprentices and trainees in Queensland, as well as student award information.

The search feature enables users to:

  • search on previous training contract statuses (e.g. cancelled, active, completed, expired or withdrawn)
  • retrieve and calculate previous training credits available to the apprentice or trainee
  • search students and view awards
  • link to Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) and www.training.gov.au (TGA).

Apprenticeships Info - Self Service (AISS):​ An Introduction for Stakeholders (PDF, 1MB) provides more information on how to access and use AISS for Australian Apprenticeship Support Network providers, group training organisations, registered training organisations, large employers and schools.

Users can also find more information in the AISS User Guide (PDF, 280KB)​ which is also found in the Getting Started section of the AISS portlet on DETConnect.

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Last updated
02 March 2018