​​Customer service cha​rter

This charter tells you (the client) the standard of service that you can expect from us (Apprenticeships Info) when you phone, email or use our web services and/or web applications.

Our rol​e

Apprenticeships Info is committed to making it as convenient as possible for you to access information about apprenticeships and traineeships in Queensland. We provide a high standard of easily accessible customer services via phone, web and/or email.

Our service commitment applies to everything that we do from answering your calls through to providing what you need online.

Our ​values

The core of our values is to provide you with information and services that are clear, polite, helpful and impartial.

Our co​mmitment

We will:

  • ​​​deliver services that meet reasonable client service expectations
  • be practical and reasonable and only undertake to deliver what is achievable
  • respect your privacy and confidentiality
  • provide clear, accurate, relevant and impartial information about services that fall within Queensland's vocational education and training portfolio
  • act with integrity and treat all clients impartially and equally
  • be friendly, helpful and professional
  • be responsive to feedback and strive to improve our customer service.

What serv​​ice levels can you expect?

You can expect us to:

  • ​make it easy for you to get the information and support you need
  • answer your calls with minimum waiting time*
  • respond to your general enquire emails within two (2) business days* (application forms may take up to 10 business days*)
  • provide accurate, up-to-date, relevant and comprehensive information on our website
  • follow up on any queries and get back to you within an agreed timeframe
  • keep you informed of progress on matters that we are dealing with
  • treat you fairly and impartially.

*Apprenticeships Info will endeavour to meet these expectations. However, when we cannot we will advise clients via updates on our website and on-hold messages on our phone service.​

How can you he​​​lp us to help you?

  • ​​Be open and honest and provide​ all relevant information needed to assist you.
  • Tells us if you have specific needs.
  • Provide us with constructive comments on our service delivery.
  • Treat our staff with courtesy.
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Last updated
18 September 2018