​​​​​​Testimonials from apprentices and trainees

Gemma Hartwig

Gemma Hartwig's earliest recollections are of tinkering away on machinery at the family farm in Dalby. With an uncle, grandfather and great grandfather all working in mechanical trades, becoming a diesel fitter wasn't just a ca​​reer choice, it was in her blood.

Ms Hartwig secured a school-based apprenticeship with a local company and was able to finish school and fast track her career.

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Aaron ​​Lobley

After teaching for eight years, Aaron knows the importance of education. He ended up practising what he preached, embarking on a mature age apprenticeship in Electrotechnology - Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

Aaron says he was privileged to receive the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship in remote Queensland. "By learning a trade I was exposed to on-the-job training and firsthand experience and expertise that my field had to offer."

Aaron says that his apprenticeship "opened up opportunities for me to implement the values that I stand for in my work, such as ethics, patience, skill acquisition, professionalism, quality assurance, friendship and commitment to learning and education." On completion of his apprenticeship (a year earlier than scheduled), Aaron obtained full-time employment as a qualified refrigeration technician for an international mining company.

Aaron's belief in education and training, and the quality skills he developed, led him to compete in the Queensland Training Awards, where he was awarded the Queensland Apprentice of the Year in 2015.

Ariel Mu​​ntelwit

At first Ariel wasn't sure a traineeship pathway was for her. She soon changed her mind when she found that throughout the traineeship "there was so much support, people there every step of the way which helped to make my experience very positive. I knew that if I ever got stuck there would be someone I could contact to talk to, or help me."

Ariel found that a vocational education and training pathway provided many benefits, such as building her confidence in her work, allowing her to earn an income while learning and "setting up a solid foundation for life."

"Once I received my qualification at the end, it was so simple to continue on with life as I had a job that I knew very well, working in a field I love with much life experience already to back me up."

Apprenticeships and traineeships can take you further than the workplace. Ariel nominated for the 2015 Queensland Training Awards and was awarded the Queensland Trainee of the Year.

​Sarah ​Lacey

Sarah completed her apprenticeship as an electrician in 2013 with Australia's largest rail freight operator, Aurizon. Of her apprenticeship, Sarah says she has "been fortunate enough to work with a group of really knowledgeable people and discover a career that I find really interesting and enjoyable."

Sarah believes an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to combine the physical skills of a trade with the theoretical side.

"There is more to completing an apprenticeship than most people realise. During my apprenticeship I have gained skills that vary from working with tools to developing my communication and people skills. There are always new challenges and experiences in the industry if you are prepared to go for them," Sarah says.

Visit Sarah's story on DETTV (YouTube).

Rachel ​​Dudok

Rachel is proof of the value of apprenticeships and traineeships and where they can take you.

While studying a degree in Engineering (Mechatronics), Rachel decided that she wanted a more hands-on career and started an apprenticeship as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with QANTAS, becoming a licenced aircraft maintenance engineer in 2012. As a proud apprentice who "gained confidence and benefited from putting theory into practice straight away", Rachel nominated for and was awarded the Harry Hauenschild Apprentice of the Year at the Queensland Training Awards in 2012.

Rachel went on to complete a Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) bringing her one step closer to working at a senior level. Rachel again nominated for the Queensland Training Awards, taking home the title of Vocational Student of the Year in 2014 and representing Queensland at the Australian Training Awards, where she was awarded the ultimate award of Australian Vocational Student of the Year.

Working at a senior level, Rachel has studied a Diploma of Management to enhance her management style by better understanding how a team functions best in the workplace.

Sharine Milne

Sharine Milne's current career journey began when she decided to make a change after a number of years in the hospitality industry. Taking charge, on the first day of her automotive apprenticeship, she told her boss "I will own this business."

Sharine completed her trade and continued her dream by taking on a Diploma of Management traineeship, to really understand how a business should be run. Sharine is now the owner and operator of R.H.D. Classic Supplies and Services, a successful motorcycle supply and service business in Townsville. As a woman in a male-dominated world, Sharine illustrates not only that apprenticeships and traineeships can take you further, but also women should look outside of the box "as long as you actually say I can and I will do it."

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23 February 2018