​​​​​Getting started as an ap​prentice or trainee

​Before you get started in your apprenticeship or traineeship​, check your eligibility below.

Are you eligible to do an apprenticeshi​​p or traineeship?

Minimum age

Individuals who are 13 years of age or older may be eligible to undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship in most occupations. However, Queensland legislation applies age restrictions to particular apprenticeships and traineeships. Refer to the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS)​ website.

If you are under 18 years of age at the start date of your apprenticeship or traineeship, your parent or guardian must provide signed consent to the apprenticeship or traineeship, if appropriate.

Existing em​ployees

If you are already employed, you can still commence an apprenticeship or traineeship. For example, you could use an apprenticeship to move from trades assistant to apprentice to tradesperson. You may even be able to reduce the length of your apprenticeship or traineeship if you receive recognition of prior learning or credit transfers for the skills you have already acquired.

Note: Casual or daily hire employees are not eligible to undertake apprenticeships or traineeships, as there is no guaranteed pattern of work (which is a requirement of a training contract).

Existing employees entering in an apprenticeship or traineeship may be subject to the Existing Workers Policy which may affect funding. Read the Existing workers fact sheet (PDF, 330KB)​ on the Training website to find out more about the existing workers policy.

School stud​ents

Students, typically in years 10, 11 and 12, are able to participate in school-based apprenticeships and traineeships which allows the student to study for their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) while working and training towards a recognised qualification. For more information, read the ATIS-026 School-based apprenticeships and traineeships information sheet​.

School students may also take on a part-time apprenticeship or traineeship outside of school hours.

Interstate apprentices and tr​​ainees

To be registered as a Queensland apprentice or trainee, your workplace address​​ must be in Queensland.

Non-residents of Australia

As a general rule, only Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens who have entered Australia on a valid passport, have unrestricted rights to enter an apprenticeship or traineeship in Australia. Any other person wanting to participate in an apprenticeship or traineeship in Australia must have a visa allowing employment.

Any other person wanting to work in Australia must have a visa allowing employment. Visa holders may engage in apprenticeships and traineeships provided their work rights allows this, based on information and advice provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB). ​​

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