​​​​Tips on finding a​n employer

Unfortunately Apprenticeships Info does not hold details of job vacancies and therefore cannot match up potential apprentices and trainees with employers. It is up to the individual to find an appropriate employer to take them on as an apprentice or trainee in their chosen occupation.

The following websites and tips may help with your job search:

Search job sit​​​es su​ch as:

Contact local businesses in your chosen industry. They may have vacancies or may not have thought about taking on an apprentice or trainee. Make sure you have done your research on apprenticeships and traineeships before suggesting this to a potential employer. Contact professional organisations in the industry as they might know of opportunities available.

Use your personal networks. Talk to friends and family who may be in the industry you have chosen, or may know someone in the industry and are able to tell you of vacancies available where they work or elsewhere. If you are still in school, talk to your school-based coordinator, teachers or guidance officer. They are often aware of school-based apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities available in your community.

Contact stakeholders of the apprenticeship and traineeship system. Some training organisations employ job placement officers who are aware of vacancies in the community. The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (on 13 38 73) may also be able to help as they are in contact with employers on a daily basis and may also know of apprenticeship or traineeship opportunities available.

Further helpf​​​ul re​​​​sources​

The department's Be work smart pre-employment skills workbook​ helps to identify and understand the key skills and qualities that employers want, as well as providing job interview tips.

Job seeker​s with disability

The following websites can help job seekers with disability to find a job or training opportunity:

Indigenous Aus​​tralian job seekers

  • The Aboriginal Employment Strategy is a non-profit organisation that can provide mentoring support to help Indigenous Australians find training and job opportunities.
  • The Australian Government's Indigenous Careers connects Indigenous people with Australian Government jobs.
  • The Australian Government's Jobactive is committed to getting more Indigenous Australians into work to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage.
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