​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Financial advice for apprentices and trainees

Wages and cond​itions

Visit the wages, conditio​ns and workplace requirements page​ for details about wages and conditions, as well as safety at work and supervision in the workplace, relating to apprenticeships​ and traineeships

​Australian Governme​​nt assistance

The Australian Government provides the following support and financial help to eligible apprentices and trainees:

  • Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY (Department of Human Resources)
    As part of this assistance, apprentices and trainees may be eligible for a health care card which may entitle them to a reduction in some of the costs of training.
  • Financial support and loans (Australian Apprenticeships)
    The Trade Support Loan can help apprentices with every day costs while completing their apprenticeship.
  • Living Away​ From Home Allowance (Australian Apprenticeships)
    An allowance for eligible apprentices and trainees who have to move away from their parent or guardians' home in order to take up or retain an apprenticeship.

User​ choice

Some training organisations are funded by the department to provide training and assessment services for some apprenticeships and traineeships, at a reduced cost, under the department's User choice program. The employer and apprentice or trainee have the option of selecting one of these training organisations, or choosing to pay the full amount for training delivered by another training organisation.

For high priority qualifications, the Queensland Government covers the full cost of training fees through User Choice as part of free training for Year 12 graduates​.​

Costs of​​ training

Be prepared that there may be costs associated with your apprenticeship or traineeship​ such as fees for attending the training organisation, uniform and equipment, textbooks or other study materials.

Disability s​upport

There are a number of support services available to help apprentices and trainees with disability throughout their apprenticeship or traineeship. Services are available to the apprentice or trainee, their employer and the training organisation.

Read the ATIS-011 Disability assistance in​formation sheet.

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