​​​​Scholarships, competitions and awards

Queensland Trainin​​g Awards

For over 50 years, the Queensland Training Awards have recognised and rewarded outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations within the vocational education and training sector.

Winners of the Queensland Training Awards are eligible to nominate for national honours at the Australian Training Awards.

To find out more, visit the Queensland Tra​ining Awards website.

Queensland Over​​seas Foundation

If you have completed an apprenticeship or traineeship in Queensland in the past four years, a chance to further your skills and career prospects overseas exists.

The Queensland Overseas Foundation provides eligible persons with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop vocational skills in their chosen industry, while overseas, for up to two years.

The Foundation is sponsored by industry and supported by the Queensland Government.

To find out how to apply, visit the Queensland Overseas Foundation website.

WorldSkill​s Australia

WorldSkills Australia aims to promote and build a skills culture by inspiring young Australians (up to the age of 23) by celebrating skills excellence.

The WorldSkills competitions are held biennially on a regional, national and international level. They give young people the opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent which could lead to being a leader in their industry.

WorldSkills also offer scholarships to help those involved pursue further skills development through study, work experience, overseas travel and financial support.

To find out more, visit the WorldSkills Australia website.

Today's Skills: Tom​​​orrow's Leaders (TSTL)

Apprentices and trainees employed by group training organisations (GTOs) have the opportunity to participate in an intensive 5 day program to develop their leadership and self-management skills.

To find out more, visit the National Apprentice Employment Network website.

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