​​Training ad​​vice

Training c​​o​​​ntr​act

To register an apprenticeship or traineeship, the potential apprentice or trainee and their employer must complete and sign a training contract, which is a legally binding document.

Training p​lan a​nd record

Apprenticeships and traineeships allow an individual to gain necessary skills and knowledge for the job they wish to do, while working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Once your apprenticeship or traineeship has been registered, you and your employer will work with your chosen training organisation to develop a training plan. This plan will outline what training is required and where and when it will occur. Training may take place on-the-job (in the workplace) or off-the-job (outside of your normal work duties).

Once the training plan has been finalised, your training organisation will provide you with a training record. It will be used to record training achieved throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship, and is yours to look after.

Read the ATIS-040 Training plan and training record information sheet​.

Cost of tr​​​​aining

There may be costs associated with your apprenticeship or traineeship. These could include:

  • fees for attending the training organisation
  • uniforms and equipment
  • text books and other study materials
  • parking or transport costs (to attend work or training).

Some training organisations are funded by the department to provide training for some apprenticeships and traineeships, at a reduced costs, under the department's User choice program. You and your employer have the option of selecting one of these training organisations, or choosing to pay for training delivered by another training organisation.

If you attend a training organisation who receives departmental funding, your registration letter will contain details of the amount the department is contributing towards your training. Regardless of the training organisation chos​en, you and your employer should discuss with the training organisation what costs are required and who should pay them.

Search the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) to find User choice funded training organisations offering your apprenticeship or traineeship. If you are an existing worker (PDF, 330KB) with the employer you are doing your apprenticeship or traineeship with, eligibility for funded training may be affected.

Costs associated with travel and accommodation to attend training at your training organisation, if it is a considerable distance from your home, may be subsidised by the department. Visit the Travel and accommodation subsidies​ section.

You may also be eligible for Australian Government incentives through your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider. Visit the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network​ website for more information.

Indigenous apprentices and trainees may also be eligible for the Department of Human Services'​ ABSTUDY Allowance​ to help meet the costs associated with their training.

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19 December 2016