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If you're thinking about the future needs of your business, consider an apprenticeship or traineeship as a great way to recruit staff and train your existing employees.

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine training with working in a real job, for a real boss, with a real wage. Apprentices and trainees work towards the completion of a nationally recognised qualification while learning valuable skills at work and under the guidance of a training organisation.

About apprenticeships and traineeships - Information for employers​
In this section, you'll find general information about apprenticeships and traineeships from an employer's perspective, including types, benefits and testimonials from other employers.

Employing an appren​tice or trainee​
Find out how to employ an apprentice or trainee, costs and incentives and who's who in the apprenticeship and traineeship system.

Training advice​
Details of the training contract (including how to make changes and complete or cancel the training contract), training plan and record as well as tips for training your apprentice or trainee.

Advice and support services​
Where to seek advice and support regarding the apprenticeship or traineeship and problems that might arise and how to deal with them.

Apprenticeship/traineeship out-of-trade register
Apprentices and trainees whose training contracts have been cancelled and are looking to regain employment, in order to complete the trade or traineeship, can provide their details to be posted on an out-of-trade register.

Download and order brochures for potential apprentices/trainees, students and employers.

Frequently asked questions​
Answers to questions often asked by employers about apprenticeships and traineeships.

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