​​​​​​​​Ap​prenticeship/traineeship out-of-trade register

Tradeapprentices.com.au is a free service funded by the department to support out-of-trade apprentices and trainees to re-enter their chosen trade.

Information for apprentices ​​and trainees

To be eligible for assistance from Tradeapprentices.com.au, apprentices and trainees will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • they must have a training contract that has been cancelled; and
  • the apprenticeship/traineeship must be from a targeted skill shortage area.

Apprentices and trainees interested in registering with this service can complete the apprentice register form on the tradeapprentices.com.au website​.

Registering your details on the out-of-trade register does not guarantee employment.

Cancelled a​pprentices and trainees should also consider other avenues for assistance such as:

Is your training up​​​-to-date?

Apprentices and trainees whose training contracts have been cancelled, may be eligible for assistance to attend a training organisation to assist them to re-enter a training contract. Apprentices and trainees looking to complete any outstanding training with a training organisation, can find further details on the ATF-015 Training assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees form​.

Entering into an​​​ apprenticeship or traineeship for the first time?

If you are interested in commencing an apprenticeship or traineeship for the first time, please visit our apprentices & trainees section​ for more information on becoming an apprentice/trainee.

Information for em​ployers

If you are interested in employing an out-of-trade apprentice or trainee, you can search the out-of-trade register on the tradeapprentices.com.au website and complete the Employer register form once you have identified a suitable apprentice or trainee.  Tradeapprentices will contact you to arrange an interview with the selected apprentices/trainees.

You may also wish to contact Tradeapprentices.com.au direct by email at info@tradeapprentices.com.au or telephone 1800 819 747.

For employers who are looking at recruiting an out-of-trade apprentice/trainee as their first apprentice/trainee, please see the employers ​section​ to find out more about employing an apprentice/trainee. 

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Last updated
02 March 2018