​​​​​​Trainin​​g advice

Training con​​tract

To register an apprenticeship or traineeship, the potential apprentice or trainee and their employer must complete and sign a training contract​, which is a legally binding document.

Training plan an​d record

Apprenticeships and traineeships allow an individual to gain necessary skills and knowledge for the job they wish to do, while working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Once the apprenticeship or traineeship has been registered, you and your apprentice or trainee will work with your chosen training organisation to develop a training plan. This plan will outline what training is required and where and when it will occur. Training may take place on-the-job (in the workplace) or off-the-job (outside of the apprentice or trainee's normal work duties).

Read the ATIS-040 Training plan and training record information sheet​.

Tips for training y​our apprentice or trainee

Employers may find the following tips useful when training their apprentices or trainees:

  • ​Assign a workplace coach or mentor to your apprentice or trainee. A good workplace coach will take a personal interest in their development by:
    • creating a communication channel and developing a rapport
    • providing feedback
    • completing progress reports
    • acting as a good role model.
  • Make it clear to the apprentice or trainee what they need to learn by:
    • ​​assuming that the apprentice or trainee has no prior knowledge
    • using clear and simple language (write the instructions down if necessary), including safe work practices in your instructions
    • asking questions to check for understanding
    • ensuring that there are no distractions.
  • ​Take time to explain why and demonstrate how a job or task is done a certain way. Allow the apprentice or trainee time to practice the skills they learn.
  • Provide the apprentice or trainee with regular feedback and ask for feedback about the training they are receiving at work and from their training organisation.
  • Identify and resolve problems before they affect work performance and working relationships. Seek assistance if you can't resolve the problems on your own.
  • Ensure that you, the apprentice or trainee and the training organisation follow the training plan and review and complete the training record regularly and accurately.​
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20 September 2017