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The following information sheets have been developed to assist parties of the Queensland apprenticeship and traineeship system.

Updates to info​rmation​​​​ sheets

Find out what changes have been made to new versions​ of Apprenticeships Info information sheets.

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Adequate training arrangements in the workplace (ATIS-039)
Version 5, June 2018​

Age requirements, restricted callings and visa requirements (ATIS-001)
Version 6, June 2018

Apprentice and trainee rights and responsibilities (ATIS-003)
Version 8, June 2018

Apprenticeships in the electrical industry - employer information (ATIS-052)
Version 3, June 2018

Assistance and support (ATIS-004)
Version 8, November 2018

Assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees (ATIS-031)
Version 5, June 2018


Cancellation of an apprenticeship or traineeship (ATIS-041)
Version 4, June 2018

Changing the registered training contract (ATIS-007)
Version 8, June 2018

Complaint about or appeal against a decision (ATIS-002)
Version 10, June 2018

Completing the apprenticeship or traineeship (ATIS-009)
Version 14, November 2018

Compliance and complaints - training plan and employer resource assessment (ATIS-051)
Version 2, June 2018

Credit and recognition of prior learning (ATIS-010)
Version 6, June 2018


Determining the impact on the school timetable (for school-based apprenticeships and traineeships) (ATIS-048)
Version 3, June 2018

Disability assistance (ATIS-011)
Version 7, November 2018

Discipline (ATIS-012)
Version 5, June 2018​


Employer resourse assessment (ATIS-049)​
Version 3, June 2018

Employer responsibilities (ATIS-013)​
Version 7, June 2018

Existing workers in apprenticeships and traineeships (PDF, 330KB) on the Training website


Funded training assistance available for apprentices and trainees (ATIS-017)
Version 6, June 2018


Guide (for SRTOs) to completing the employer resource assessment (ATIS-050)
Version 2, J​une 2018


Interstate apprentices and trainees​ (ATIS-018)
Version 6, June 2018


Legal and trading names of employers (ATIS-042)
Version 5, June 2018

Length of apprenticeships and traineeships (ATIS-019)​
Version 9, June 2018


Parent or guardian responsibilities (ATIS-020)
Version 8, September 2018

Part-time and multiple training contracts (ATIS-021)
Version 8, June 2018

Paying apprentices and trainees for time spent undertaking supervised training and assessment (ATIS-036)
Version 6, June 2018

Probationary periods (ATIS-023)
Version 9, June 2018


Registered training organisations (supervising) (ATIS-043)​
Version 5, June 2018

Registration and regulation of Racing Queensland training contracts (ATIS-045)​
Version 5, June 2018


School-based apprenticeships and traineeships (ATIS-026)​
Version 17, June 2018

Suspension of a registered training contract (ATIS-047)
Version 5, November​ 2018


Training contracts and commencement (ATIS-027)​
Version 8, June 2018

Training plan and training record (ATIS-040)
Version 3, June 2018

Transfer of a registered training contract - permanent and temporary (ATIS-046)
Version 4, June 2018

Transfer of a registered training contract - statutory (sale of business or dissolution of a business partnership) (ATIS-037)
Version 7, June 2018


Who's who in the apprenticeships and traineeships

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