​​​Assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees

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August 2015
Assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees (PDF, 177KB)

Training assistance fo​​r cancelled apprentices and trainees

Apprentices and trainees whose training contracts are cancelled, and who were receiving funded training (under the User Choice program) in their apprenticeship or traineeship, may be eligible to continue to receive this funded training. This will allow the cancelled apprentice or trainee the opportunity to attend training while looking for a new employer. Further details can be found on the ATF-015 Training assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees form​.

It is important to note that the apprentice or trainee may be eligible for further funding from the Australian Government. For further information contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider on 13 38 73.

This funding is not available to students currently enrolled in a school or alternative schooling arrangement.

​Re-commence apprentices​hip or traineeship with a new employer

All apprentices and trainees who have had their training contract cancelled can continue the apprenticeship or traineeship under a new training contract with a new employer. If the apprenticeship or traineeship that is re-commenced is in the same trade or occupation as the cancelled contract, the apprentice or trainee will be granted time credit​ equal to the time completed in the cancelled training contract. This is an automatic process when the new contract is registered.

There may be additional incentives available to encourage employers to employ an apprentice or trainee who is re-commencing their apprenticeship or traineeship. Phone an AASN provider on 13 38 73 to identify any incentives an employer may be eligible to receive.

Commence a new apprentice​​​ship or traineeship with a new employer

Cancelled apprentices and trainees may choose to enter a different trade area of interest. If the new apprenticeship or traineeship is in a similar occupation to that of the cancelled training contract, time credit would not be granted but some of the competencies already completed may be recognised and not need to be repeated.

It is also possible to participate in two apprenticeships and/or traineeships on a part-time basis​. This means that an apprentice or trainee working for an employer who is only able to offer part-time arrangements, may enter into another part-time apprenticeship or traineeship at the same time.

To find out about any incentives that are available and if there are any funding implications when participating in a new apprenticeship or traineeship, check with an AASN provider on 13 38 73.

Further assis​​tance

Further assistance m​ay be available from the following providers:

Tradeapprentice​​​s.com.au service

Tradeapprentices.com.au​ is a free service funded by Department of Education and Training and delivered by the Group Training Association of Queensland and Northern Territory (now called the Apprentice Employment Network). This service aims to connect out-of-trade apprentices and trainees whose training contracts have been cancelled with employers, in order to complete their training under a training contract.

It is recommended that once registered with Tradeapprentices.com.au, the apprentice or trainee should inform them of any changes to their contact details to ensure they are provided with every opportunity to secure employment.

Registering details on the out-of-trade register does not guarantee employment.

What happens n​​ext?

Employers with the capacity to employ an out-of-trade apprentice or trainee may access a list of out-of-trade apprentices and trainees on the Tradeapprentices.com.au website.

If they identify any apprentices or trainees that meet their business requirements, they will be able to register their interest to find out more about their requested apprentices and trainees. Tradeapprentices.com.au will arrange any interviews.

It is recommended that apprentices and trainees have an up-to-date resume ready as employers will request to have the resume and a copy of any Statements of Attainment (results from college) forwarded to them for a possible interview.

For further info​rmation

Phone the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network line on 13 38 73 or Apprenticeships Info on 1800 210 210.

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