​​​​Paying app​rentices and trainees for time spent undertaking supervised training and assessment

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Supervised training in apprenticeships and traineeships is commonly referred to as off-the-job training delivered by a supervising registered training organisation.

Off-the-job training (including the assessment of that training) can be undertaken by a variety of means or a combination of a number of means (e.g. block release, day release, workplace delivery, online learning, video link and completing workbooks or correspondence papers). It can be undertaken by an apprentice or trainee at a college, at work or some other venue and it can be undertaken during or outside of normal working hours.

Does the em​​ployer have to pay their apprentice or tr​​ainee while they are undertaking off-the-job training?

Under the requirements of the training contract, all employers must release their apprentice or trainee from work and pay the appropriate wages to attend any off-the-job training, including assessment as provided for in the training plan.

However, this may not apply to school-based apprentices and trainees. The relevant industrial relations provisions applicable to the employer will specify whether the school-based apprentice or trainee is paid for time spent undertaking off-the-job training.

What does the empl​oyer have to pay?

The employer must pay appropriate wages and other conditions specified in their award or agreement. These will differ from employer to employer and may include payment of wages for out-of-hours off-the-job training, reimbursement of fees or other training costs. 

Therefore persons who require advice as to the appropriate wages and conditions for a specific apprentice, trainee or employer in relation to undertaking off-the-job training should contact the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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  • Fair Work Ombudsman​ on 13 13 94, regarding appropriate wages and conditions to be paid to apprentices and trainees for their off-the-job training.
  • ​The training organisation, regarding off-the-job training to be provided to the apprentice or trainee.
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