​​​​​​​Updates to apprentices​hip and traineeship resources

The Apprenticeships Info information sheets and forms are updated on a regular basis.

Changes will remain on this page for a month after the new version has been published. If you require any details of older changes, please email apprenticeshipsinfo@qld.gov.au.

Resource Version changes and published date​ Changes made
​​ATIS-052 Apprenticeships in the electrical industry - employer information INFORMATION SHEETVersion 2, March 2017 - published 21/3/17​​Addition of content at end of information sheet about the requirement of a QTP.
​ATIS-039 Adequate training arrangements in the workplace INFORMATION SHEETVersion 4.1, March 2017 - published 7/3/17​Addition of link to ATIS-052​
​ATIS-013 Employer responsibilities INFORMATION SHEET​Version 6.2, March 2017 - published 7/3/17Addition of link to ATIS-052​

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