​​​​​​​​​​​Updates to apprentices​hip and traineeship resources

The Apprenticeships Info information sheets and forms are updated on a regular basis.

Changes will remain on this page for a month after the new version has been published. If you require any details of older changes, please email apprenticeshipsinfo@qld.gov.au.

Resource Version changes and published date​ Changes made
​ATF-013(POLY) Employer resource assessment - Polymer Technician FORMVersion 2, May 2017 - published 15/5/17​​Form now used for two Polymer apprenticeship qualifications - PMB30116 and PMB40116 only.
​ATF-023 Education, Training and Employment Schedule (ETES) for SATs FORMVersion 11, April 2017 - published 13/4/17​​The form is now an optional template for all education sectors, and so the first page has been changed substantially to reflect this.

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