Student exp​e​rience

Lachlan Br​and

Winner of the School-based Apprentice of the Year in the 2012 Queensland Training Awards was Lachlan Brand of Mackay. Lachlan is passionate about his apprenticeship and has a very clear vision of his career path. On completing school, Lachlan will transition from his mechanical engineering school-based apprenticeship to a full-time apprenticeship as a Diesel Fitter with his employer, Hastings Deering.

Lachlan hopes to work towards enrolling and studying engineering at university with a goal of owning an engineering business, overhauling and improving mining, construction and manufacturing equipment. He says that gaining the practical experience both off-the-job with this training organisation and on-the-job with his employer has helped him to build his knowledge and skills of his chosen trade.

Jodie P​auli

Former Clifton State High School student Jodie Pauli said she chose a school-based traineeship to boost her career opportunities.

"I completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Allied Health) in Year 11 and 12 which involved formal training from the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE and real-life experience and wages from the Clifton Co-op Hospital," Jodie said.

"I'm hoping to continue my studies at university to become a registered nurse and work part-time as an assistant nurse at the Co-op Hospital.

"Working in Allied Health is a big job for someone my age, but the hospital has given me a lot of support, and placed a lot of trust in me." 

Parental pers​​​pective

As a parent Jennifer Clutterbuck is a strong advocate for school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs) firmly believing they give students greater maturity and life balance in their senior years.

Jennifer's daughter Georgina participated in Certificate III in Fitness. She combined her traineeship with OP studies with a goal of continuing study in physiotherapy at university. Georgina said that the traineeship gave her the opportunity to see the relevance of her physics and maths subjects in her future career plans.

"The traineeship provided Georgina with an insight into the real world. She gained real-life experience and valuable people skills. Better still, she not only learnt about exercise but also acquired business skills and developed greater independence and confidence.

"SATs are for everyone no matter how academic they are."

Employers using school-b​​ased apprenticeships and traineeships

J.J Richards and ​​Sons

One of Australia's largest waste management firms, J.J Richards is boosting their workforce by training for the future with school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (​PDF, 51KB)​.

Specialised​​ Training Services

Specialised Training Services is using regular on-the-job training as a way to help both students and their employers make sure school-based traineeships work for them. Jenny Field, from Specialised Training Services, believes training delivered by a trainer visiting the students' workplace allows students to apply their learning to real tasks in the workplace context.

"We've found that doing it this way means students take it more seriously. The student and trainer can sometimes come up with bright ideas that can improve the business's productivity."

"Regular visits to the workplace also allow us to support the employer and provide coaching and mentoring for the student," she said.

Specialised Training Services currently provides training for 224 school-based trainees in business, IT and teacher aide certificate qualifications.

School involvement​ in school-based apprenticeships and traineeship

The implementation of the Career Access Program at Palm Beach Currumbin SHS is helping students successfully combine study and school-based apprenticeships and traineeships (SATs).

The program offers a flexible timetable and is available to students wishing to take on a SAT while completing a QCE. Students attend school three days a week where they can undertake five subjects. For two days a week they work for an employer and attend training with their training organisation.

The school has a dedicated team that promotes the benefits of SATs to students, parents and local employers. An increased understanding of the benefits of SATs amongst teachers, students, parents and the community has also lead to more students enrolling in the program.  

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