​​​​Preparation for training

Once a training organisation (also referred to as a supervising registered training organisation or SRTO) has accepted its role to deliver the training for the apprenticeship or traineeship, it needs to assist all parties to prepare for training. This includes:

Employer resource assessment

The training organisation must assess the employer's training resources to ensure the facilities, range of work, supervision and training is adequate for the school-based apprentice or trainee to achieve the outcomes of the training plan.

To assist the training organisation to determine the employer's capacity to train, the department has developed a range (based on previously identified areas with specific requirements and supervision arrangements) of employer resource assessment (ERA) templates. The ERA is retained by the training organisation as a record of the assessment.

Induction infor​​mation

The training organisation is required to provide (or arrange to provide) the employer and the school-based apprentice or trainee with induction information when they commence the apprenticeship or traineeship. This induction information must include:

  • ​​​​​the rights an​d responsibilities of all parties to the apprenticeship or traineeship​
  • training organisation grievance procedures and avenues to appeal assessment
  • information about training costs including training delivery costs, tuition fees, student services fees and any other fees. (Please note if training is funded through User Choice, the training organisation may exempt the school-based apprentice and trainee from tuition fees).

For further information on induction requirements, refer to the Guide for supervising registered training organisations on the Training website​.

The train​ing plan

A training plan must be developed for each school-based apprentice and trainee.

The training plan outlines the training to be delivered to the apprentice or trainee by the employer and the training organisation. 

The training organisation is required to negotiate the development of the training plan with the employer, the school-based apprentice or trainee, and the school. It is important that the training plan is tailored to each workplace and individual school-based apprentice or trainee.

The ATIS-040 Training plan and training record information sheet provides further details.

The training record

The training organisation must provide the school-based apprentice or trainee with a training record within 14 days of the training plan being finalised.

The training record documents the school-based apprentice or trainee's progress and achievement of the competencies as outlined in the training plan. 

There is no set format for a training record. It may be kept in any way the training organisation considers appropriate. For example, the training record may be kept in booklet form, or in an electronic format.

The school-based apprentice or trainee is responsible for looking after the training record and must make it available for inspection or updating when required by the training organisation or employer.

The training organisation and the employer must regularly update and sign the training record at least every three months.

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