​​​​​QTAMA Repeal Act frequently asked questions

Does the Queensland Training Assets Management Authority (QTAMA) still exist?

Legislation to repeal the Queensland Training Assets Management Authority Act 2014 and abolish QTAMA passed the Queensland Parliament on 15 July 2015 and commenced by Proclamation on 14 August 2015. The state's training assets are now owned and managed by the Department of Education and Training. All existing QTAMA lease and hire agreements have transferred to the department unaffected.

Why was QTAMA dissolved?

QTAMA was dissolved to return control of Queensland's training assets to the Department of Education and Training. The abolition of QTAMA has been a critical step in implementing Rescuing TAFE, a key Queensland Government election commitment to restore TAFE Queensland's status as the premier provider of vocational education and training (VET) in the state.

QTAMA was required by legislation to manage the state's training assets primarily for the provision of vocational education and training, in accordance with sound commercial principles. QTAMA had no statutory obligation to prioritise the interests of TAFE Queensland as the primary provider of VET in Queensland.

Abolishing QTAMA and returning state-owned training assets to the department provides TAFE Queensland with priority access to state-owned training facilities and will support TAFE Queensland in its planning and delivery of quality training to get Queenslanders into jobs.

Why have training facilities been returned to the department?

The Government's intent is that TAFE Queensland will have priority access to state-owned training facilities. The Government also intends to put the state's training facilities to best use so that facilities are available where they are needed.

To support these objectives, the department is responsible for completing an audit of training facilities and developing a 10 year Plan, in line with the Government's 'Rescuing TAFE' election commitment.

What will happen now the assets have been transferred and QTAMA has been dissolved?

The department will continue to consult closely with TAFE Queensland regarding all training facility leasing enquiries.

The department is leading the development of a 10 year Plan to guide decisions on the future use of training facilities. The Plan will establish a framework for long-term training asset management, investment plans and funding arrangements, with a view of improving utilisation of training facilities.

Stakeholders were invited to contribute their views and opinions towards the development of the Draft ten-year Plan. 

All views and feedback provided will be considered by the department to finalise the Plan for the state's training facilities.

What has happened to QTAMA staff members?

The QTAMA board has been dissolved and QTAMA staff have transferred to the department. QTAMA staff will support the audit and development of the Plan, as well as leasing the facilities. There have been no forced redundancies for any QTAMA staff members.

What are the arrangements for access to training facilities until the ten-year Plan is finalised?

The department will consult with TAFE Queensland regarding all long and short term lease or hire arrangements proposed by third parties. The interim arrangements until the Plan is finalised will allow consideration of the use of facilities by third parties, recognising TAFE Queensland's priority access, and that proposals demonstrate clear community benefits and long term options for training facilities are not prejudiced prior to finalising the 10 year Plan​.

The Minister for Training and Skills has approved the following set of principles that will be used by the department, in consultation with TAFE Queensland, to make decisions about access to state training facilities:

  • All existing QTAMA agreements, such as agreements for access to facilities or service arrangements, will be honoured.
  • TAFE Queensland will have priority access to training sites when considering proposals for new leases of facilities.
  • New leases or hires will be considered if they do not interfere with current uses of facilities, particularly by TAFE Queensland.
  • Longer term leases, including for non-training purposes, may be considered subject to a business case demonstrating that they do not prejudice long term training options, and they have a clear community benefit.
  • Training organisations will be permitted access to train​ing facilities, where TAFE Queensland reasonably considers there are operational or other benefits from such access, given consideration to the following principles:
    • TAFE is not using the space;
    • the registered training organisation is offering complementary services and/or strengthening TAFE or skills and training in the community; and
    • there is a service being provided to address community needs.
  • Access for community (non-training or not-for-profit) purposes may be considered subject to the above considerations and charges for use of the facilities at least meeting the cost of providing access.

What if I have an existing leasing arrangement at any of the state-owned training facilities?

​The Department of Education and Training will continue to support existing leasing arrangements for any partners of TAFE Queensland.

All leasing arrangements will continue to be in place until the 10 year Plan in finalised. These arrangements will continue and DET will engage with lessees as the final Plan is implemented.​

Who do I contact if I want to lease a facility?

All leasing enquiries, including those received by TAFE Queensland staff, should be directed to the department. Please contact:

Phone: 1300 078 262
Email: trainingass​ets@det.qld.gov.au

Who do I contact if I have repairs and maintenance issues?

Repairs and maintenance issues coming to the attention of TAFE staff should be directed to the relevant TAFE Queensland Facilities Manager who will raise the matter with the department. Repairs and maintenance issues coming to the attention of other tenants on the department sites should be directed to the department (call 1300 078 262 or email trainingass​ets@det.qld.gov.au​​).

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