​​​​​​​​​​​​​Frequently asked questions

​About the Strategic Training Asset Management Plan

What are state-owned training facilities?

These are government-owned land, buildings, plant and equipment used for training. Queensland's training infrastructure portfolio extends to more than 40 locations.

Who uses these facilities?

TAFE Queensland is the main user, and delivers much of its training from these facilities. Other users include partners of TAFE, other education and training organisations, government departments, community groups and commercial tenants.

Why are these facilities important?

The State Government is committed to economic growth and supporting Queenslanders to develop the skills they need to be job ready. This includes improving learning environments for students by providing accessible, modern and quality training facilities.

Why has the government consulted with training stakeholders about these facilities?

The government is developing a 10 year Plan for the future of the state's training facilities. From the consultation held during April to June 2016, a range of views were gathered about key issues influencing training and skills, and how the state can use these facilities to support training and skilling outcomes.

Why do we need a plan for state-owned training facilities?

The Plan is part of the government's response to delivering the investment needed to maximise training and skills outcomes for current and future generations of Queenslanders.

​How will a decision be made about the future of training facilities? 

TAFE Queensland's needs, stakeholder feedback, as well as alignment with future training and skills demand, will inform the development of suitable site strategies to be implemented over a 10 year period. ​

What options for state-owned training facilities might be considered?​

​Options will include investment and upgrading. As outlined in the "Developing a ten year Strategic Training Asset Management Plan" discussion paper, the government could consider use by partners of TAFE Queensland, education and training organisations, other government departments, community groups, and private sector organisations through market-led proposals. 

Will training facilities be closed?

This initiative is not about closing facilities or taking funds away from the VET sector, it is about better aligning state-owned facilities for training and skills outcomes.

Why are some facilities no longer used for training?

Shifts in population and employment have impacted on the demand for training. For instance emerging and changing industry sectors have led to adjustments in training requirements and, in some cases, purpose-built facilities no longer support regional training needs.

As an example, 30 years ago popular training courses included use of typewriters, 20 years ago training courses included computers and in 2015 training courses include digital media technologies. In this example a continual change in technology used in industry has driven the need to change training facilities and make them flexible to meet future training demand.

Will TAFE Queensland be adversely affected by the 10-year plan?

No, the State Government is committed to ensuring that TAFE Queensland will continue to be a premium VET training provider in Queensland.

​Who do I contact if I want to lease a facility?​

All leasing enquiries should be directed to the Department of Education and Training. Please contact:

Phone: 1300 078 262
Email: trainingassets@det.qld.gov.au​.

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12 September 2016