​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Strategies, plans and reports

Key departmental training publications

VET Investment Plan
The Annual VET Investment Plan provides a breakdown of the VET Investment budget, a high level summary of the VET Investment programs, and the priorities for government within these programs.​​

Queensland VET Qu​ality F​ramework​
The Queensland VET Quality Framework underpins the Queensland Government's commitment to embedding quality in all aspects of the VET system in Queensland.

Advancing skills for the future: a strategy for vocational education and training in Queensland​
Consultation has now closed on the draft of Advancing skills for the future, the Queensland Government's vision for the future of vocational education and training in our state. A final strategy is currently under development.

Other departmental publications

​View responses​ to Jobs Queensland reports.

View departmental publications, including the Annual Report, on the Department of Education (former Department of Education and Training) website. The Code of Conduct is available on the Education website.

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24 July 2018