​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan

The 2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 916KB or DOCX, 323KB) details the Queensland Government's $810.7 million investment in vocational education and training (VET) in the 2016-17 financial year.

Under this plan, the government remains focused on investing in skills that align with real job opportunities both now and into the future, boosting the skills of our existing workforce and creating more opportunities for those needing additional skills to compete for employment.

The 2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan fact sheet (PDF, 305KB or DOCX, 305KB​) provides an overview of the plan, including funding arrangements, investment programs and key changes. An additional overview of the plan is available by viewing the 2016-17 Annual VET Investment Plan slide show (PPS, 1.7MB)​.

Investment programs

The plan outlines VET investment through the following key programs and strategic interventions:

Key changes in 2016-17

While key features of the plan remain much the same, a range of new measures have been introduced in 2016-17 that support increased focus on quality, including:
  • no automatic rollover of pre-qualified supplier contracts
  • strengthened pre-qualified supplier entry requirements
  • streamlined legal agreements
  • improved program design
  • the development of the Queensland VET Quality Framework
  • enhanced pre-qualified supplier risk profiling
  • strengthened VET in Schools policy.​​

Queensland Training Subsidies List

The Queensland Training Subsidies List lists the qualifications that attract a government subsidy under the Annual VET Investment Plan.

Annual document review

A range of policies, agreements, lists, fact sheets and other documents make-up the VET investment framework. Starting with key policies and agreements, these materials are reviewed progressively following the release of the Annual VET Investment Plan each year. Version control is applied.
To view information on the previous year, view the 2015-16 Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 586KB)

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