​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2017-18 Annual VET Investment Plan

The 2017-18 Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 1.5MB) details the Queensland Government's $768.9 million investment in vocational education and training (VET) in the 2017-18 financial year.

Under this Plan, the government remains focused on supporting those who are unemployed or seeking a step up, to start on the pathway to a brighter future, and ensuring that Queenslanders continue to have access to quality, supportive, and affordable training that meets the ongoing needs of both individuals and employers.

The 2017-18 Annual VET Investment Plan fact sheet (PDF, 242KB) provides an overview of the Plan, including funding arrangements, investment programs and key changes. An additional overview of the plan is available by viewing the 2017-18 Annual VET Investment Plan slide show (PPTX, 2.1MB)​​.

Investment programs

The Plan outlines VET investment through the following key programs and strategic interventions:

Key changes in 2017-18

While key features and programs of the Plan remain much the same, 2017-18 will see maintenance on the dual emphasis of advancing the skills of Queenslanders and embedding quality in all aspects of the VET system in the state.

​​Building on the important and effective measures introduced in 2016-17, the department will further tighten pre-qualified supplier application requirements to raise the bar on quality through more robust assessment of financial viability and compliance history in 2017-18. These measures seek to ensure quality VET services are delivered in Queensland, students' best interests are protected, and public funds are used appropriately.

While it is important that a strong focus on quality, and compliance remains, there is also a need to support best practice and growth in VET services, particularly for apprenticeships and traineeships. As a result, longer term policy and funding arrangements/contracts for delivery of training under the User Choice Program are being introduced from 2017-18, to support quality Suppliers to have the confidence to invest in their business.

In addition, the Plan recognises that economic and labour market changes are not being experienced consistently across Queensland, and seeks to reinvigorate regional communities through targeted interventions that align the supply of skills with jobs demand.

Priority Skills List

The Priority Skills List lists the qualifications and skill sets that attract a government subsidy under the Annual VET Investment Plan.

Annual document review

A range of policies, agreements, lists, fact sheets and other documents make up the VET investment framework. Key policies and agreements have been reviewed, updated and published prior to the release of the 2018-19 Plan. Additional supporting documents will be reviewed progressively and updated as necessary following the release of the Annual VET Investment Plan each year. Version control is applied.

To view informati​on on the previous year, view the 2016-17​ Annual VET Investment Plan (PDF, 916KB). ​

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