​​​Employing and managing apprentices and trainees

If you are thinking about the future needs of​ your business, consider an apprenticeship or traineeship as a great way to recruit staff and/or train your existing employees.

Visit the Apprenticeships and traineeships section of this website for detailed information about apprenticeships and traineeships, starting and managing the apprenticeship or traineeship, financial advice, support and resources for parties of the apprenticeship and traineeships system in Queensland.

Benefits of employing appr​​entices and trainees

An effective way to attract and recruit staff
Some employers view apprenticeships and traineeships as an integral component of their workplace recruitment strategy. Employers train the person within their work environment in areas where skills are required.

A catalyst for rethinking systems and processes
Employers have reported that training apprentices and trainees often encourages staff to rethink and challenge existing work practices. Productivity improvements can be an unexpected outcome of employing an apprentice or trainee.

Contributing to the community
School-based apprenticeships and traineeships can make a real difference in motivating young people to complete school and work towards their future career goals.

Employer satisfaction
Employers and supervisors often experience a great deal of satisfaction during the process as they help apprentices and trainees mould new skills and gain confidence in a work environment.

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28 November 2018