​Future of Wo​​rk - Skills and Industry Summit

The labour market of the future will need highly skilled workers - workers whose skills have kept pace with technology, automation, innovation and the shift to​ a knowledge-based economy.

​Collectively, industry, government, universities, the skills sector and unions must work together to plan for the jobs of the future to prepare Queenslanders for the changes that are already happening to the way we work.

In November, the Premier is hosting the Future of Work - Skills and Industry Summit where summit delegates and key speakers will discuss the future of work through a panel session and workshops hosted by senior Queensland Government Ministers.

Attendance at the summit is by invitation only.

For more information please contact the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training at training@det.qld.gov.au​ or by phone at 1300 369 935.

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Last updated
05 November 2018