​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Funding and incentives

The Queensland Government provides targeted investment through a number of different vocational education and training investment programs to assist industry and employers train and upskill their current and future workforce.

Certificate 3 Guarantee
The Certificate 3 Guarantee provides a government subsidy to allow eligible Queenslanders to obtain their first post-school certificate III qualification.

Apprenticeship and traineeship funding and incentives
The Queensland Government provides funding and incentives to support apprentice and trainee employment and training through various programs.

Higher Level Skills
The Higher Level Skills program provides a government subsidy to help individuals gain the higher level skills and qualifications required to secure employment or career advancement in a priority industry or to transition to university.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work
Skilling Queenslanders for Work is a suite of targeted skills and training programs supporting Queenslanders to gain the skills, qualifications and experience needed to enter and stay in the workforce. Employers have the opportunity to support and participate in local training projects as well as access the $10,000 Work Start incentives for employing an eligible participant in a traineeship.

Back to Work​​
Back to Work is a two-year $100 million package to help give employers the confidence to take on new staff in regions and provide an economic boost to regions that are facing challenging times. Financial support of up to $15,000 is available to businesses to take on jobseekers in regional areas with up to 8000 jobs supported through this assistance package.

Industry Pre-apprenticeship Program​​
Funding is available for representative industry organisations and employers to invest in innovative pre-apprenticeship training, to help minimise current and potential trade skills shortages and support people starting in priority trades.

Training in Emerging and Innovative Industries Fund
The Training in Emerging and Innovative Industries Fund is a $4 million commitment by the Queensland Government providing assistance to emerging and innovative industries. Funding will be available to eligible organisations with strategies to support industries undergoing transition and upskilling existing workers impacted by digital​ disruption.

Regional Skills Adjustment Strategy
The Regional Skills Adjustment Strategy is a $10 million two-year Queensland Government initiative delivered by TAFE Queensland to help regional workforces navigate economic change and transition to the jobs of the future.

Other funding and incentives
Information on funding and incentives available for employers for training, including from the Australian Government and industry groups.

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