​​​​​Applying to be recognised as a group training organisation

Organisations wishing to be recognised as a group training organisation (GTO) in Queensland need to submit an Application for recognition as a group training organisation in Queensland form for evaluation by the department.

The department has developed some application tips to assist organisations when applying to become recognised as a GTO.

When applying for recognition, applicants must address:

  1. the Queensland requirements as outlined in the 'Application as a group training organisation' form, and
  2. the National Standards for Group Tra​​ining Organisations (PDF, 64KB)​, in accordance with Queensland audit arrangements for GTOs.

To demonstrate that the National Standards have been met, applicants will need to engage an external auditor, at their own expense, to conduct a compliance audit. (Note: The department will consider, on application, interstate compliance audits). For further information see the Group training organisation audits section of this website.

When applying, applicants should also familiarise themselves with the operating requirements for GTOs in Queensland, and understand how GTOs are monitored and evaluated in this state.

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Last updated
02 March 2018