​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​T​​SAGT Program frequently asked questions

Who can apply for f​​​unding under the Trade Skills Assessment and Gap Training (TSAGT) Program?

Department of Employment, Small Business and Training approved User Choice pre-qualified suppliers with (1) with an eligible scope of registration and (2) links to employers willing to upskill employees or employ graduates on completion of the program, are eligible to apply.

How ​​much funding can be applied for?

There is no minimum amount of funding per application. Funding is provided at the rate of $2,000 per participant for recognition of prior learning and $2,700 per participant to deliver the gap training required, as outlined in the TSAGT Program Policy​ ( https://training.qld.gov.au/providers/funded/tradegap#documents ) ( https://training.qld.gov.au/providers/funded/tradegap#documents ).

How do I ap​​​ply?

Eligible User Choice pre-qualified suppliers request TSAGT Program funding by email to VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au ( mailto:VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au ) ( mailto:VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au ), applying the subject line 'PQS request for TSAGT program funding (2018-​19)'.

Refer to the TSAGT Program page​ ( https://training.qld.gov.au/providers/funded/tradegap ) ( https://training.qld.gov.au/providers/funded/tradegap ) for more on what information must be included in your email.

Are participants eligible if​ they have already completed a trade qualification?

Participants who have previously completed a trade qualification that is not in 'the same industry area' are eligible. For the purposes of the TSAGT Program, the same industry area is defined as a qualification within the same national training package.

Permission may be sought from the department to recruit participants outside of the eligibility criteria when accompanied by a business case addressing emerging skilling needs and verified evidence of employers' commitment.

Do participants need to con​​tribute to the cost of the training?

Yes. Participants will be required to contribute to the cost of their gap training only - at the rate of $1.60 per nominal hour or, where eligible, at the User Choice concessional rate.

Participants are not required to contribute to the recognition of prior learning component of TSAGT.

What qualifications are fu​​nded under the program?

The definition of a priority trade qualification does not incorporate every qualification declared and listed as an apprenticeship or traineeship in the User Choice qualifications and price list.

The program targets most, but not all, apprenticeships that have been declared as a restricted calling in Queensland. Refer to the TSAGT Program eligible qualification list ( https://training.qld.gov.au/providers/funded/tradegap/eligible-qualifications ).

Can the entire qualificati​​​​on be completed through recognition of prior learning?

No. Gap training of one or more units of competency must occur.

How will I know if my a​​pplication​ has been received?

After you send your request for funding email you will receive an acknowledgement email in reply. Please email VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au​ ( mailto:VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au ) ( mailto:VETInvestment@det.qld.gov.au ) if you did not receive this email confirmation.

How will I know if​​​​ I am ​successful in gaining funding?

All applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of their request for funding​.

If we are unsuccessf​​​​​ul, can w​​e request funding again in the future?

Being unsuccessful does not nece​ssarily exclude or disqualify your organisation from requesting TSAGT Program funding again in the future.

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