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User Choice 2017-20 Program


Registered Training Organisation User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier 2017-20 policy (PDF, 172KB​ or DOCX, 166K​B​​) - effective 1 July 2017 
User Choice 2017-20 policy (PDF, 499KB or DOCX, 228KB) - effective 1 July 2017

Location loadings list

User Choice localities and location loadings list (XLSX, 265KB)​ - ef​​fective 1 July 2017

Historical User Choice documents

User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier 2016-17 policy (PDF, 172KB) - effective 1 July 2016
User Choice 2016-17​ policy v1.1 (PDF, 499KB)​​ - effective 1 January 2017
User Choice localities and location loadings list 2016-17 (XLSX, 258KB) - effective 1 July 2016
User Choice 2016-17 policy v1 (PDF, 495KB or DOCX, 228KB​) - effective 1 July 2016
User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier 2010-2016 Policy (PDF, 640KB) - effective 1 July 2015 
User Choice 2010-2016 policy (PDF, 253KB) - effective 1 July 2015
User Choice localities and location loadings 2010-2016 (XLS, 1.3MB) - ef​​fective 1 July 2015
User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier 2010-2015 policy (PDF, 246KB)​ - effective 10 December 2012
User Choice 2010-2015 policy (PDF, 102KB)​ - effective 1 July 2014
User Choice 2010-2015 policy (PDF, 391KB) - effective 1 January 2014
User Choice 2010-2015 policy (PDF, 411KB)​ - effective 1 July 2013
User Choice localities and location loadings 2010-2015 (XLS, 78​4KB) - effective 24 January 2013

Audit guide

The department's Market Quality Unit conducts ongoing contract compliance audits throughout the year. Please refer to the evidence guide below for information on how to assist you with audit compliance.

User Choice - Audit evidence guide (v4 Feb 2017) (PDF, 693KB)​ - effective 6 February 2017.

Historical school-based apprenticeships and traineeships information

Information for Australian Apprenticeship Centres (PDF, 237KB)​
Information for employers (PDF, 230KB)
Information for Pre-qualified Suppliers (RTOs) (PDF, 237KB)
Information for schools (PDF, 238KB)​
Information for students, parents and guardians (PDF, 229KB)
Changes to SATs from 1 July 2013 (PDF, 221KB)​
Frequently asked questions (PDF, 302KB)

Existing workers

Existing Workers in Apprenticeships and Traineeships Policy (PDF, 330KB)​

Assistance for Cancelled Apprentices/Trainees

Guideline for training assistance for cancelled apprentices and trainees

Complimentary programs

​2006-2010 User Choice

The below are historical documents only. For the current User Choice policy documents please refer to the Policies section at the top of this page.

2006-2010 User Choice program agreement (PDF, 4.2MB)
2006-2010 User Choice program policy (PDF, 916KB)

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