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Alex Ryan: Disability is no barrier

​Skills Disability Support provides specialised technology and support services to pre-qualified suppliers to assist learners with disability to ​gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications.​

The operational model used by Skills Disa​bility Support means that learners can receive flexible training support throughout their training program.

Skills Disability Support is available to all pre-qualified suppliers to support learners undertaking Queensland Government subsidised training.

​How to apply

The pre-qualified supplier:

  1. Discusses with the learner their training support needs.
  2. Assesses the learner's eligibility to access the service using the Skills Disability Support guidelines (PDF, 277KB​ or DOCX, ​​707KB).
  3. Submits a Skills Disability Support application form (DOCX, 872KB) for an eligible learner.
  4. Applicants can also email Skills Disability ​Support to seek support in completing the application form.

The following resources are available to assist in the application process:

How clients are using Skills Disability Support

Alex Ryan's story outlines how Skills Disability Support services are successfully assisting learners with disability. Alex is a young Hervey Bay job seeker who embraced Skills Disability Support services and didn't let his disability get in the way of his dream job. Read ​Alex's story here​.

If you have examples you would like to share please email Skills Disability Support.

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