​​​​​​Skills Disability Support

Skills Disability Support provides specialised technology and support services to pre-qualified suppliers to assist learners with disability to gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications.

The operational model used by Skills Disability Support means that learners can receive flexible training support throughout their training program.

Skills Disability Support is available to all pre-qualified suppliers with learners undertaking Queensland Government subsidised training.

​How to apply

The pre-qualified supplier:

  1. Discusses with the learner their training support needs.
  2. Assesses the learner's eligibility to access the service using the Skills Disability Support guidelines (PDF, 271KB​ or DOCX, ​​707KB).
  3. Submits a Skills Disability Support application form (DOCX, 872KB) for an eligible learner.
  4. Applicants can also email Skills Disability Support to seek support in completing the application form.

The following resources are available to assist in the application process:

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10 June 2016