​​​​​Inclusive practice resources

Inclusive learning booklet (PDF, 1.1MB)*

Inclusive learning wall poster (PDF, 401KB)*

*Note: These publications were produced prior to the current government.

Love Apptually: Apps to support learning (PDF, 1.3MB) - (Report, 2012)
This resource has been designed to assist VET practitioners and learners to select applications (apps) for mobile devices that support inclusive VET teaching and learning.

It highlights a number of mobile and tablet apps focusing on those that support:

  • the development of foundation skills
  • learners with disability.

A range of suggested apps for foundation skills is also summarised in the Love Apptually poster (PDF, 480KB)​.

This resource supports inclusive learning, and is intended as a living, collaborative document which users will provide feedback to and update.

Universal Design checklist (2012) (DOC, 353KB)
A tool for VET providers to assess materials and communications and enhance accessibility for everyone.


For further information or feedback email InclusivePractice@det.qld.gov.au.

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16 September 2016