​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Become a PQS

​To be eligible to deliver training and assessment services subsidised by t​he Department of Education and Training (DET) through one of its VET Investment Plan funded programs, a registered training organisation (RTO) must have pre-qualified supplier (PQS) status.

Pre-qualification applies to all RTOs directly contracted by DET to deliver training and assessment services. On approval of PQS status, DET may permit RTOs to provide training services under a range of publicly-funded programs​.

How to apply

Applications to become a PQS in Queensland are currently closed and the department's Purchasing Online (POL) system is not able to accept new applications at this time.​

Queensland VE​​T In​​​vestment programs

To apply, RTOs must complete and submit a PQS application through the department's Purchasing Online (POL) system.

RTOs​​​​​ are required to nominate the qualification(s) they intend to deliver, as noted in the Queensland Training Subsidies List for delivery in Queensland.

As part of their application, RTOs must print two (2) VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreements (PDF, 613KB)​ (for Queensland VET Investment programs), complete the details required on the cover page, page three and the signature pages, and return them to DET.

For more information on how to apply, refer to the PQS application fact sheet (PDF, 291KB or DOCX, 330KB) and the PQS application guide (PDF, 358KB or DOCX, 315KB​).

User Ch​oice p​​​rogram

Refer to the User Choice section for information on how to become a PQS under the User Choice program.

Eligibility requirements

RTOs must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply for PQS status:

  • have an active RTO registration status (as indicated on www.training.gov.au​)
  • ​​be registered to deliver full qualifications in Queensland under its scope of registration (as indicated on www.training.gov.au​) for the qualifications it wishes to deliver under a funded program in Queensland
  • have at least one vocational qualification on its scope of registration listed on the Queensland Training Subsides List​
  • meet and adhere to the requirements of the relevant funding program and its policies
  • meet the requirements of the PQS application process and agree to the terms and conditions contained within the VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement.

How are applications evaluated?

The department assesses applications submitted for PQS status based on the following:

  • the accuracy of responses to the application questions
  • checking financial viability of the RTO's business to meet its obligations under the VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement
  • reviewing the RTO's latest Queensland VET Quality Framework or Australian Quality Training Framework audit results
  • reviewing compliance history in Queensland and nationally
  • evidence of 12 month trading history in Queensland (i.e. evidence of delivery of training and assessment services in Queensland for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying for PQS status)
  • considering training data and history of the RTO's previous training and assessment activity in Queensland and nationally
  • evidence of employer/industry links in Queensland
  • other information as required by the department.

What is the approval process?

PQS status will be granted upon approval of the RTO's application and subsequent execution of the VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement (for Queensland VET Investment programs) by the department.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the department's decision.

Successful applicants will be advised on their letter of authority to commence delivery against the approved qualifications and will receive an executed VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement for their records.

The department will publish information about PQS and their approved qualification(s) on the department's website.

Any training and assessment services delivered prior to the period specified on letters of authority cannot be claimed for, or receive payment for, under the VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement.

Operating as a PQS

PQS can commence delivering services in accordance with the terms and conditions of their PQS approval.

Individuals undertaking subsidised training​​​​ must meet the eligibility requirements of the approved funding program(s).

There are no application fees or annual registration fees directly associated with the PQS system.

Key documents to become a VET Investment Plan PQS

  • Pre-qualified Supplier Policy 2017-18 (PDF, 602KB or DOCX, 233KB​) - effective 1 July 2017
  • VET Pre-qualif​ied Supplier Agreement (for Queensland VET Investment)​ (PDF,​ 613KB).

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