​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Contract Management and Performance

The Contract Management and Performance team and your designated Contract Manager is your primary contact for information about your pre-qualified supplier executed agreement with the department.

Contract Managers can provide assistance with issues including:

  • payment
  • errors
  • policy interpretation and program specifications
  • variation requests and any other agreement related issues.

Contract Managers also monitor performance and compliance against your agreements and will contact you if they identify areas of concern to be addressed.

Contract Management and Performance manages the programs listed on the funded programs​ page.

PQS documents

PQS guides

Getting Started Package - Pre-qualified supplier - VET Investment Plan (PDF, 226KB or DOC, 360KB)
Information and links to assist PQS with successfully operating under the VET Investment Plan.

Getting Started Package - Pre-qualified supplier - User Choice (PDF, 233KB or  DOC, 368KB).
Information and links to assist PQS with successfully operating under the User Choice 2016-2017 program.


PQS webinars​
Webinar recordings, transcripts and frequently asked questions to support pre-qualified suppliers in their role.

Managing your PQS agreement

Variations to agreements
Variations to existing PQS agreements to add new qualifications under the Certificate 3 Guarantee, Higher Level Skills and User Choice programs is available for existing PQS. 

Business case proposals for lower-level delivery

Lower-level vocational qualifications (Certificate I and/or II) may only attract a government subsidy under the program where the training falls within one of the specified circumstances or exceptions as outlined in the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program Policy​ 2016-17 (PDF, 380KB)​.

Pre-qualified suppliers who wish to apply for lower-level delivery under the third exception - Industry or local employment must complete a Lower-level qualification delivery business proposal (PDF, 371KB or DOCX, 623KB​)

Note:​ A Certificate I or II qualification on a delivery schedule does not represent department approval for delivery under exception 3 - Industry or local employment.

​Changes to Legal Entity

Pre-qualified suppliers must notify the department of changes to the legal entity under the pre-qualified supplier agreement. Read the Notification of change to a pre-qualified supplier's legal entity fact sheet (PDF, 107KB or  DOC, 45KB) for instructions.

Change to bank account details 

Should you wish to change your nominated bank account details, read the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) details (PDF, 29KB or DOC, 51KB) document for instructions.

Data validation errors
Assistance on correcting data validation errors which may occur when submitting AVETMISS data under programs including User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Evaluation and audit

VET Investment Plan

User Choice

User Choice - Audit evidence guide (V4 Feb 2017) (PDF, 693KB) - effective 6 February 2017 
Information to assist PQS with audit compliance with the VET PQS Agreement, the User Choice 2016-17 Policy and User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Policy.

VET Investment Plan PQS documents

User Choice program PQS documents

  • User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier 2016-17 Policy (PDF, 172KB) - effective 1 July 2016
  • User Choice 2016-17 Policy v1.1 (PDF, 499KB) - effective 1 January 2017
  • User Choice VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement (PDF, 616KB)
  • User Choice 2016-17 qualification and price list (PDF, ​145KB​​) - effective 1 January 2017​
  • User Choice localities and location loadings 2016-17 (XLSX, ​258KB) - effective 1 July 2016

More information

PQS news and events
Access to current and past issues of the monthly newsletter for pre-qualified suppliers.

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