​​​​​​​List of error fact sheets

Soon after submitting AVETMISS data to the Department, providers may receive an error report.  The error report will identify data that does not comply with the Department's policies, and as a result, payment will not be processed for the data in error.

The Queensland Governments Reform Action Plan for further Education & Training, Great Skills. Real Opportunities. commits to delivering a range of actions to reform further education and training. Supporting action area 2.2 of this plan - Long term partnership with providers, and the drive to make working with Government easier, Error Fact sheets are now available for providers.

These fact sheets will increase providers knowledge of what the errors mean, why they occur and the appropriate actions required to rectify them.

Reducing the number of errors you receive will maximise payments under your agreements with the Department, and expedite the payment process.

Before seeking advice or information about errors and rectifications, the Department encourages you to read these fact sheets in conjunction with your organisation's agreement. If you are still unable to resolve your query then please email the Unit's general email account: supplier.management​@det.qld.gov.au​

Fact sheets

Error fact sheet 850 (PDF, 164KB)
Error fact sheet 875 (PDF, 210KB)
Error fact sheet 876 (PDF, 283KB)
Error fact sheet 31501 (PDF, 171KB)​
Error fact sheet 32002 (PDF, 72KB)
Error fact sheet 32013 (PDF, 223KB)
Error fact sheet 33014 (PDF, 216KB)
Error fact sheet 33020 (PDF, 208KB)
Error fact sheet 33021 (PDF, 210KB)
Error fact sheet 34002 (PDF, 154KB)
Error fact sheet 34003 (PDF, 213KB)
Error fact sheet 34007 (PDF, 68KB)
Error fact sheet 34008 (PDF, 67KB)
Error fact sheet 34009 (PDF, 68KB)
Error fact sheet 34013 (PDF, 210KB)

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09 December 2016