​​​​Variations to agreements

The VET Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement may not be varied except by agreement in writing signed by the pre-qualified supplier (PQS) and the department.

PQS may be required to supply details of delivery history and industry referees to verify student outcomes and industry support for qualifications in new industry areas.

All variations must be applied for online through the Variations Online (VOL) function that is part of the department's Purchasing Online (POL) system.​​

Variations can include but are not limited to adding and removing qualifications or skill sets, and publishing and un-publishing on the department's website. It is the responsibility of the PQS to ensure that their Delivery Schedule and information published on the Queensland Training Information Service is correct and up-to-date.

​The department does not automatically update a PQS schedule when a qualification is superseded or the PQS is no longer registered for a qualification.

A PQS can only commence training in a new qualification or skill set as at the date approved by the department. Variations will not be backdated. 

Variations Online (VOL) - PQS user manual

The Variations Online - PQS user manual provides guidance for pre-qualified suppliers on how to make the agreement variations below using VOL. For skill sets, additional steps are published on the PQS skill set fact sheet (PDF, 194KB or DOCX, 420KB) to be completed prior to undertaking the steps set out in the PQS user manual below.

Introduction (DOC, 397KB)​
Creating Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 674KB)​
Editing Agreement Variation Request - General (DOC, 1.5MB)
Editing Agreement Variation Request - User Choice Continuing Students (DOC, 2.4MB)
Editing Agreement Variation Request - Strategic Purchasing (DOC, 1MB)
Editing Agreement Variation Request - Pre-Qualified Suppliers (DOC, 1MB)
Copying Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 937KB)
Submit and Lodge Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 906KB)
Withdraw Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 672KB)
Request for Further Information (DOC, 933KB)
Lapsed Agreement Variation Request (DOC, 924KB)​

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30 June 2017