Pre-qualified supplier framework

The pre-qualified supplier (PQS) system provides a central register of pre-approved registered training organisations (RTOs) for the delivery of training and assessment services subsidised by the Department of Education and Training (DET).

The PQS system is based on a performance framework for the assessment, selection and monitoring of RTOs linked to national standards and DET specific requirements in quality management.

It aims to provide training participants with a level of assurance that their chosen RTO is able to deliver high-quality, industry-standard training that best meets their skilling and learning needs, and supports employment opportunities.

Pre-qualification applies to all RTOs directly contracted by DET to deliver training and assessment services. On approval of PQS status, DET may permit RTOs to provide training services under a range of publicly-funded programs. 

There are no application fees or annual registration fees directly associated with the PQS system.

If you are wishing to become, or already are a User Choice pre-qualified supplier, refer to the User Choice section of this website.

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07 March 2016