​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How to submit ​​a nomination

Congratulations on choosing to nominate for the Queensland Training Awards. Below are links to more information on the nomination process.

Nomination ​​​period

Nominations for the 2018 Queensland Training Awards have been extended and will now close 16 March 2018.

Creating an onlin​e nomination account

Nominations are submitted via the online n​omination portal.

Before submitting a nomination, all applicants must create an account using the online nomination portal.

You will receive a confirmation email and must verify your email address before you can begin an application. Once you have verified your email you can start your nomination, save it and go back and edit it at any time during the nominations open period.

Please ensure your computer has JavaScript​ enabled to get the most out of the online nomination portal.

​Preparing a nomin​​ation

Award nominations are made up of three sections. Each section has a strict word limit which is outlined in both the online nomination portal and award category pages.

Award nominations sections:

  • Overview
  • Selection criteria
  • Attachments (supporting materials) - as part of your nomination, you are required to submit a professional headshot and/or high-quality organisational logo.

Please ensure that your nomination information is presented in a way that clearly addresses the selection criteria in your award category.

Judging panels are looking for evidence of how training has contributed to career and study plans, and the development of skills and achievements to date, as well as examples of how training may have helped in achieving other pursuits.

Tips for writin​​g a nomination

  • ​Keep your wording clear and simple.

  • It's okay to use dot points.

  • Use the nomination questions as headings. You may also choose to include subheadings if necessary. Judging panels consider all criteria when selecting finalists and winners.

  • Focus on giving practical examples and evidence to support your statements in your responses. General statements such as 'I am a good team member', 'I have an understanding of industry trends' or 'training is fundamental to the success of our business' must be supported with clear evidence and practical examples.

  • Within your responses, be sure to highlight what you believe makes you or your organisation stand out from others. It may be helpful to think of the nomination as an application for a highly-prized position or business contract.

  • Do not exceed the maximum word limits per question or maximum number of attachments.

​​​Examples of su​cce​​​ss​​ful nominations

Example of Apprentice of the Year successful nomination - Aaron L​obley 2015 (PDF, 495KB)

Example of Trainee of the Year successful nomination - Ben Nedwich 2016 (PDF, 667KB)

Example of Vocational Student of the Year successful nomination - Ashleigh Taylor 2016 (PDF, 639KB)

Example of School-based Apprentice or Trainee of the Year successful nomination - Adam Hungerford 2016 (PDF, 186KB)

Example of VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year successful nomination - Judy Hoskins 2016 (PDF, 704KB)​

Example of Small Employer of the Year successful nomination - John Edwards Automotive 2016 (PDF, 646KB)

Example of Large Employer of the Year successful nomination - Hutchinson Builders 2017 (PDF, 510KB)

Nomination che​​cklist

Before submitting a nomination, check that you have:

  • ​chosen the correct​ region for your nomination
  • met all eligibility criteria (detailed on the releva​nt award category page​​)
  • addressed all the selection criteria relating to that specific award category (detailed on the relevant award ​category page​)
  • completed all sections of the online nomination form.

You also need to ensure that you have read and understood the declaration on the online nomination portal and agreed to the conditions of entry.

By submitting a nomination for the Queensland Training Awards, you agree that:

  • you understand that the information provided in your nomination might be used for the purposes of the awards program and promotional activities carried out by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training
  • if you are chosen as a finalist, your profile will be used in the final presentation ceremony program, other media activities and on the Queensland Training Awards website
  • you are prepared to attend the regional, state and national presentation ceremonies, if applicable
  • all content and claims in your nomination are correct.

Submit​​ting a nomination

Nominations are submitted via the online nomination portal​.

Note: The Queensland Training Awards nominations process is only available online. Unfortunately we cannot accept hardcopy applications, including attachments.

Once your nomination is successfully submitted, you will receive an automated email response confirming that your nomination has been received.

If you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, please ensure you tick the relevant boxes acknowledging this in order to also be considered in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year award category (if applicable).

Technical​​​ issues

If you are experiencing any issues with the online nomination portal, please contact your regional coordinator for assistance.

How are nomination​​s judged?

Visit the how nominations are judged page for further information on the judging process.

Need support in sub​​mitting a nomination?

Regional coordinators​ are available to support you through the nomination process. They can discuss your nomination idea, what's involved in compiling your nomination and help you with the online nomination process. If you are considering applying for a state direct entry category or need some support in your nomination process, please call the Queensland Training Awards​ team on 1800 660 207.

Frequently asked ques​tions

Read the frequently asked questions​​ for more information on the nomination process.​

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