​​​​How nomin​​​​ations are judged

​Nominations for the 2017 Queensland Training Awards closed on Friday 7 April 2017.

Judging is coordinated by the Department of Education and Training. The judging panels consist of one departmental staff member and three representatives sourced from business, industry and the public sector.

Individual, em​​ployer and community-based organisational award categories

Judging panels will select finalists and winners for each region and for the state level, based on written submissions and phone interviews.

At the regional level, these categories will be shortlisted to five nominees for each award, who will then be involved in telephone interviews. Only three nominees will proceed as regional finalists. Regional winners will be announced at the regional final presentation ceremonies in July.

Regional winners are automatically selected as state finalists and will go on to compete for the state award in Brisbane in September.

Training provider and Industry Collaboration award catego​​ries (state level only)

Judging panels will select three state finalists and one winner per category, based on both written submissions and phone interviews. Finalists in these award categories are announced in August, with winners announced at the State Gala Dinner in September.​​

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07 April 2017