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April 2018​
Nomination judging well underway; Apply now for the 2018 Australian Training Awards; Rhys' story: Sweet as, for this bright spark from Proserpine; Bundaberg Services Club's story: Student training opportunities bright in Bundy; Thanks to our regional sponsors; Key dates for 2018.

12 March 2018​
Last chance to nominate for the 2018 Queensland Training Awards; Pacific Marine Group's story: Cross-training provides exciting start in marine industry; Become a sponsor today; Key dates for 2018.

March 2018​
Help us celebrate the best in Queensland training; Gemma's story: School-based apprenticeship puts Australian Apprentice of the Year on path to success; Become a sponsor today; Thanks to our 2018 state sponsors; Key dates for 2018.

February 2018​
Nominations closing date extended; Become a sponsor today.

January 2018​
Help us shine a light on training excellence; Australian Training Awards direct-entry awards open now for nomination; What some of our 2017 winners said; Become a sponsor today.

​Skills update

January 2018​
Queensland Training Awards - nominations are now open​​.

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Skill ​​Alert

13 March 2018
Help us celebrate the best in Queensland training.

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