​​​​​Apply for pre-qualified supplier status

In order to apply for pre-qualified supplier (PQS) status you must already hold a Purchasing Online​ (POL) Account.

What is POL?

POL is the department's web-enabled system for registered training organisations (RTOs) to view certain transactions and apply to deliver publicly-funded training in Queensland. This includes programs such as User Choice and other departmental strategic initiatives.

Download the Purchasing Online fact sheet (PDF, 132KB).

What is a POL account?

Authorised POL account holders receive a unique username and password which enables them to access the POL system.

You must use your username and password each time you acces the POL system.

In order to apply for a POL account, you need to provide mandatory information which the department will verify before a username and password is issued.

In addition, your RTO must provide authorisation for the department to create a POL account for you.

Download the Purchasing Online authorisation form (PDF, 221KB)​.

Applications for PQS can only be made by a legally responsible person representing the RTO.

The PQS application process requires you to submit information to the department relating to your business and the qualifications your organisation intends to deliver under the User Choice program in Queensland.

It is essential that you read and understand each question prior to submitting the application for processing. The Guide to applying for Pre-qualified Supplier Status is available to assist RTOs in completing this form.

Applications which do not conform to the requirements of the User Choice program will not be accepted. If your application is not accepted by the POL system, it does not meet the mandatory requirements for this funding program.

As part of the application process for PQS status, you must print two (2) copies of the VET User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement, sign both copies and return them to the Department as part of your application. The VET User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement can be printed from the Purchasing Online homepage after you submit your application.

Faxed or emailed versions of the VET User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement will not be accepted. Applicants must mail original signed copies to the Department.

You can view a copy of the VET User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement prior to making application for PQS status.

Pre-qualified supplier status will only be granted upon receipt and approval of your application and the department's subsequent execution of the VET User Choice Pre-qualified Supplier Agreement. Successful applicants will then be notified of their authority to commence training delivery against approved qualifications.

Applying for restricted qualifications

The department manages some qualifications, such as those considered as thin markets, under special arrangements. Only RTOs who hold PQS status and are specifically authorised by the department can deliver publicly-funded training and assessment services for these qualifications.

RTOs who nominate restricted qualifications as part of their PQS application, but do not already hold specific authorisation by the department to deliver these qualifications, will not receive approval for the restricted qualifications they nominate.

PQS seeking to deliver training and assessment services for a restricted qualification can submit a business case to the department for consideration. The business case must demonstrate the supplier's capacity to grow the training market for the particular qualification.

Qualifications published on departmental websites

Upon acceptance and notification as a PQS, the RTO's business contact details and a list of approved qualifications will be published on the QTIS system from 1 July 2010 and will also be published on the Queensland Skills Gateway.

For applications made prior to 1 July 2010, RTOs who do not want an approved qualification appearing on QTIS must make an application in writing to the department stating why they would like their details withheld from QTIS publication.

Requests should be made to:
Email: PurchasingOnline@det.qld.gov.au
Fax: (07) 3229 3470

Apply to become a Pre-qualified Supplier

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