​​​​​​​Year 12 fee-free training — frequently asked questions

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What is fee-free training for Year 12 graduates?

Fee-free training means eligible Year 12 graduates are exempt from paying student contribution fees under the Certificate 3 Guarantee and User Choice programs. The Year 12 fee-free arrangements were introduced from 1 January 2014.

Who can access the fee-free training?

Fee-free training is available to Year 12 graduates who enrol and start an apprenticeship, traineeship or training in a high priority qualification by the end of the calendar year following their completion of Year 12. Students must have completed Year 12 in Queensland and hold a Senior Statement issued by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority or equivalent certification.

I'm starting an apprenticeship or traineeship straight after completing Year 12, will I get fee-free training?

Yes, if you enrol in a high priority training area under the User Choice program.

I intend to finish school at the end of Year 10 or 11, can I enrol in fee-free training?

No, not under the Year 12 graduate fee-free arrangements. However, you may be eligible for a government subsidised training place under the Certificate 3 Guarantee.

Will all training be fee-free for Year 12 graduates?

No, only high priority qualifications​ are guaranteed to be fee-free. Year 12 graduates need to enrol and start training in a high priority qualification by the end of the calendar year following their completion of Year 12 to be eligible under the fee-free training arrangements.

We encourage students to research carefully when choosing their training course and provider. Fee arrangements may vary for government subsidised qualifications under other training programs, or for qualifications which are not a high priority.

Want to study now?

More detailed information on funding and approved registered training organisations is available on the Queensland Skills Gateway.

The training consumer tips web page also includes a list of tips to follow when making decisions around enrolling in a training course and choosing a registered training organisation.

For more information, please contact the department on 1300 369 935 or training@det.qld.gov.au.                    

Can I change training providers?

If a student discontinues with one training provider they can re-enrol with another training provider and still be eligible for fee-free training, provided it is within the calendar year after they complete Year 12.

Will I be able to access Queensland Government subsidised training in the future?

The fee-free training for Year 12 graduates is available through two Queensland Government training investment programs - the Certificate 3 Guarantee program and the User Choice program, which delivers workplace-based apprenticeship and traineeship training.

Undertaking the fee-free training for Year 12 graduates may exhaust your entitlement to further Queensland Government subsidised training.

For this reason it is very important that you take the time to consider and compare your training options and costs, before signing an enrolment form or committing to a course of study which will use up your Queensland Government subsidised training entitlement.

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